Christian Boudon Online Professional Introduction

Christian Boudon born December 02 1957 in Toulouse (France) is Franco-American living in West Palm Beach Florida (USA).

He is the founder and principal of the company Florida based which is an extension of the 1979 “BDN Moteur” initial company he created in France.

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  •     •   2.1   1969 to 1978 the kart racing foundation  Pictures
        •   2.2   1979 to 1984 Revealing champions through his BDN Moteur company  Pictures
        •   2.3   1985 and 1986 heading to French Riviera creating a Formula Renault team  Pictures
        •   2.4   1988 to 2001 New Racing Concept or raising the bar to help future champions  Pictures
        •   2.5   2002 to 2005 from Go-kart to Champ Car  Pictures
        •   2.6   2006 deeper involvement with Autotecnica Team and their drivers  Pictures
        •   2.7   2007-2008 from USA series to UK Formula Three championship  Pictures
        •   2.8   2009 Racing in America the last year of the Formula Atlantic series  Pictures
        •   2.9   2010 Moving his American drivers to Europe  Pictures
        •   2.10 2011 Moving ahead with Le Mans Prototype series  Pictures  Power Point Presentation
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  • Personal Life

    Boudon was offered his first go-kart named Gemini handcrafted by Rene Arnoux’s father in his backyard garage for his eighth birthday by his father, a computer teacher who was a passionate driver rallying in the late 60's.

    Boudon spends the first part of his life in Grenoble where he gets his racing license from ASK Grenoble. He starts his 1st company BDN Motors in 1979 in this town, before moving in 1985 to the south of France in Brignoles where he creates New Racing Concept with his associate Jean Montagny (the father of future F1 driver Franck Montagny) bringing back to life the famous go-kart race track of the first international 24 hours race.

    The race track company is sold in 2000 and Boudon moves to Florida in 2001, and establishes the extension of the initial company as

    Professional Career

    1969 to 1978 the kart racing foundation   Pictures

    Boudon during an intense go-kart career wins 2 national titles, a pole position in Junior World Championship and multiple international endurance races, and becomes the first professional go-kart driver ever at the age of 16 years old before deciding that his talents will benefit younger drivers better.

    1979 to 1984 Revealing champions through his BDN Moteur Company   Pictures

    BDN Moteur was the initial company started in August 1979 and was dedicated to coaching and management of racing drivers of any age, for any kind of motorsport racing and Auto racing. Motorcycle racing was added to the activities. Boudon was involved in engine tuning and elaboration and framework engineering, chassis engineering and collected three national titles with his Motorcycle racing teams.

    1985 and 1986 heading to French Riviera creating a Formula Renault team   Pictures

    Jerome Mounier was a young go-kart driver at BDN Moteur since the early days, and when his father Andre Mounier asked Boudon to follow-up Jerome racing career in Open wheel car, it was a logical path sticking to the Boudon philosophy and ethic.

    Andre Mounier provided the workshop in Sollies-Pont, a group of supportive partners funding a two years season in the Formula Renault championship and Christian Boudon launched an independent Formula Renault racing team created in three months to best fit Jerome Mounier needs. Boudon's position was director team manager, his implication in the structure was at every level as chassis work, body work, engine plus gear-box and set-up or transportation and on track gathering was processed internally.

    That racing creation was for Jerome Mounier a positive experience and Boudon had his first attempt of running an Open wheel car racing team.

    1988 to 2001 New Racing Concept or raising the bar to help future champions   Pictures

    When Boudon opens New Racing Concept in, BOUDON-Competition and Tony Kart Shop Center in 1988 it is a normal ascension in response to the increased activity and the numerous demands.

    The racing school operated by Boudon is immediately a success until New Racing Concept is sold in 2000 and it becomes Brignoles Karting Loisirs.

    BOUDON-Competition is then created, and Boudon is integrated into Tony-Kart racing team until he leaves Europe end of 2001.

    During those two long decades Boudon assisted, coached, managed drivers and collected with them National, European and World titles. To name a few of those who shared with Boudon determinant moment of their career:

    Yannick Dalmas, Frank Perera, Jean Christophe Ravier, Franck Montagny, Didier Andre, Steve Hiesse, Stephane Ortelli, Richard Combes, Olivier Panis, Christophe Bouchut, Ronnie Quintarelli, Davide Fore, Jérôme Policand, Loic Duval, Damien Pasini, Marko Asmer, Julien Canal, Nelson Van Der Pol…etc…

    2002 to 2005 from Go-kart to Champ Car   Pictures

    Nelson Philippe and Richard Philippe signed an exclusive contract with Boudon to coach and assist them in their USA new racing career as they were previously signed with BOUDON-Competition since 1998.

    Nelson Philippe won the “King of the Streets” in Rock Island and the pole position at the SKUSA World Final in 2002. After winning the 2003 Winter Tour opening race, the decision was made to switch to open wheel Barber Pro Series.

    In November 2003, Emerson Fittipaldi agreed to Boudon’s demand to test Nelson Philippe in his Fittipaldi/Dingman Champ-Car racing Team at the age of 17 years and 3 months under specific conditions.

    Mi-Jack Conquest Racing organized a test for Nelson in January 2004 and offered to sign him for the 2004 Champ-Car season. Nelson Philippe became the youngest ever Champ Car driver starting a race at 17 years, 8 months, 25 days.

    In 2005, Philippe was voted Bosch Most Improved Driver by his Champ car peers with 4 top ten results and 34 laps led.

    Boudon was proud to achieve this goal as an acknowledgement to bring very young go kart drivers to the highest level of open wheel formula through his specific method of teaching and training.

    Boudon signed with Formula BMW USA for the 2004 racing season as a Mentor Coach for the series.

    In 2002, Richard Philippe had a highly concentrated training Go-Kart season prepared by Boudon. In 2003 Philippe completed one season in 80 cc Shifter SKUSA Go-Kart, always working on his maximum performance.

    In 2004, at the age of 14 (January 10th), he was the youngest ever to compete in 125cc Shifter Pro and he won the overall Winter Tour.

    Simultaneously, Richard Philippe followed Boudon’s specific preparation for a Formula BMW USA open-wheel 2005 season, and he qualified for the Formula BMW USA Scholarship in Valencia (Spain) in October.

    At the young age of 15, Philippe joined the 2005 Formula BMW USA Championship and won the overall Championship plus the Rookie title with 6 pole-positions and 6 victories during his first year of racing.

    Boudon’s coaching and management was without a doubt recognized by the entire racing world for its exceptional abilities to teach young talents through his unique methods of training.

    In October of 2005, Christian Boudon’s CCB Management decided to organize a full preparation program to compete in the 2005 Formula BMW World Final in Bahrain with two drivers, Robert Wickens and Matt Lee joining the racing team.

    Wickens achieved pole position, fastest lap and finished sixth.

    Robert Wickens was also signed by Red Bull Racing Formula 1 recruiter Dr. Helmut Marko on the event as Red Bull Official driver for multiple years.

    2006 deeper involvement with Autotecnica Team and their drivers   Pictures

    Boudon continues to support Matt Lee after his promising results from Bahrain, and tailors an accelerated training and consolidating program associated to Autotecnica.

    Robert Thorne is joining the team under the coaching and management of Boudon.

    Lee finished second at the Formula BMW USA championship while Thorne ranked fifth as a rookie.

    2007-2008 from USA series to UK Formula Three championship   Pictures

    Boudon signs with Philip Major a complete 2007 program in Formula BMW USA for coaching, management and fitness enhancement.

    Starting from almost scratch the goal is to access the Formula 3 the following year. Major and Boudon are completing a Formula BMW season showing an exponential increase in the performing curve of Major, with a pole position and a podium at the Montreal F1 Grand Prix opening.

    A contract is signed with Fortec Formula 3 team for 2008 in December 2007 and Boudon continues with Major in the UK Championship.

    Boudon is also mentoring and assisting Gerardo Bonilla in the IMSA LITE L1 Class championship for the overall win.

    2009 Racing in America the last year of the Formula Atlantic series   Pictures

    During the 2009 racing season, Boudon signed with Jensen MotorSport as Racing Operation Director plus Coach/Engineer and he was in charge of engineering and coaching Jensen MotorSport drivers Freddy Zebede and Barrett Mertins for Formula BMW America Series and Matt Lee , Michael Nacol, James Winslow, Markus Niemelä in the Formula Atlantic Series.

    Boudon also supervised the team operation when Eric Jensen was not available at an event. Barrett Mertins was a true beginner in the Formula BMW America Championship and finished the season with some strong results.

    Barrett Mertins noticeable progresses lead the Formula Atlantic board to allow him the upgraded licensing to take part in the final race of the Formula Atlantic Series in Laguna Seca. Finnish driver Markus Niemelä classified between 4th and 6th during the season and finished sixth in the championship.

    2010 Moving his American drivers to Europe   Pictures

    Matt Lee and Barrett Mertins were signed under a full program with Boudon and CCB-GROUP including management, coaching, fitness, nutrition and physical enhancement for the 2010 Italian Formula Three Championship racing season.

    Mygale racing factory, Alan Racing Team, BVM-Target Racing, RC Motorsport, Power-Plate were Boudon’s partners as his drivers for this campaign. A best result of fourth in Hockenheim for Lee and a strong finish with 12th for Mertins in Monza was achieved.

    2011 Moving ahead with Le Mans Prototype series   Pictures  Power Point Presentation

    Boudon signed an American Le Mans Series Program with Signature Team Signatech Nissan and is in charge of the communication and the on track racing strategy in USA.

    On 02/10/2011 in Road Atlanta Petit Le Mans race he became with Signatech Nissan ILMC LMP2 2011 Class Champion.

    Boudon assisted Rasmus Lindh for the last four races of the Winter Tour. They won four races and the 2011 Winter Tour Championship.

    On 08/28/2011 he brought Rasmus on the podium of the Rotax Grand Festival in Portugal.

    Complementary Information

    The initial company “BDN MOTORS” opened in 1979 was dedicated to International Go-Kart selling and racing, drivers coaching and management.

    The results achieved with the drivers under full management were immediately on the high side.

    The engine machining through a top-notch workshop was a part of the activities already, engineering and manufacturing of High Tech chassis brought a tremendous knowledge as well.

    Nowadays has grown and is extended to a global activity in the racing world using the best possible connections established on years of experience. offers:

    - Driver and technician management.
    - Driver and technician coaching.
    - Nutrition seminars and physiological management with the support of the best nutritionists and doctors of French sporting academy.
    - Consulting on data analysis and interpretation.
    - Damping and suspensions engineering and manufacturing.
    - Specifics engineered racing lubricants.

    Our management and coaching programs are tailored for our customers after both physical and driving evaluation test are performed.

    The intent is to identify the personal natural skills of each driver, understand his attitude in situation on track and with his environment, surround the nutrition habits, record the zones where he is showing some lack and establish the best way of communication with him.

    On a standard first approach this evaluation program is schedule on a three days time frame, one day in a gym and two days on track with a selected team.

    The physiological, biological and psychological tests will be run under our professional medical control and coaches.

    Our evaluation methods have proven to generate some important data for settle an accurate training specific program as well as a specific nutrition plan for each driver, pre-event, on event and post-event.

    Our unique exclusive program named “POWER vs. ENDURANCE POWER” will be sent to each driver after data analysis with his specific nutrition package.

    The psychological tests will definitively help us to define the key points to use with each driver.

    Those tests will help to understand how to consolidate the technical analysis and communication between the driver and his engineer and team.

    Two evaluation tests are planned during the season to readjust the physical consolidation and nutrition efficiency as an option.

    Our Nutritionist Physiologist Doctors are available during an event for nutrition and ultimate health care as an option.

    Used to the management of international drivers, engineers and teams since years with success through proven methods and modern tools in partnership with renown lawyers, our office and assistants can provide all the official documents related to racing and respond to any legal situation.

    From letters of intent to full management contracts, travel organization and flying reservations, accommodations and car rental, full year schedule and weekly timetables are all processed internally.

    We did help some junior engineers to access to the highest rank of racing with formula One, and others having successful career in Formula 3, ex Champ Car or IRL in USA, and are continuing to support them.

    We are still proud to have in our team drivers at the highest level as they started their career with us in Go-Kart.